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We’re back

February 4, 2011

Greetings dear friends… it has been a little while since we last posted on here and for that we are sorry. Here is a short catch up with some photos of the past month or so…

We spent Christmas in San Diego with the Polito clan, which was a great relaxing time. I have to say that I love being around all the kids (and I bet Nanie and Pop love being so close to all their 6 grandkids!). While in San Diego we got to spend a day with Elizabeth’s brother, David, his wife, Debbie, our two wonderful nieces, Alexis and Mikhaila, and Debbie’s cousin and her daughter—Christine and Lindsay. We had such a great time with them and Rocco got to meet more family! Such a wonderful blessing!

As soon as we got back, Elizabeth started back to work full time. So wonderful to be able to help provide for our family, but incredibly hard to leave Rocco every day. We have worked out a great childcare plan with both Peter and I getting to work from home one day a week, a great friend Sharon watches him for one day and he is in day care for two days a week. We feel so blessed that we both get to spend some time with Rocco while still getting some work done.

Rocco continues to grow physically and developmentally.  He is a professional pacifier-remover-and-reinserter-backward, he is a master rolleroverer from his stomach to his back (but can’t trouble himself to do the opposite), he is an elite full-nighttime-sleeper-except-when-he-practices-his-pacifier-remover-and-reinserter-backwards skills, and generally he is an utter joy and a blessing.  Please enjoy a few photos and videos to catch up with our little wonder.

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