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Family Update

June 29, 2011

Who knew that having a full time job, a 10 month old, and being pregnant would keep a person incredibly busy… I am guessing most people already know this, but I am learning!

There have been a number of changes in our family as of late, and Peter and I wanted to share them with you.

First off, after an aggressive search Peter found a job here in Austin. He will be working for the University of Texas at Austin running a sediment mechanics lab. He is so incredibly excited about this new opportunity and he is looking forward to his first day (this coming Friday, July 1).

Now that we know we are staying in Austin, we are both breathing a bit more deeply and we are thrilled to be establishing more roots here.

We decided that one thing we wanted to do was to move to another place so that we can trim down some expenses and not have to deal with yard maintenance on a house that wasn’t ours. We have found a great apartment in a great location. It has a pool and a fitness center on site, which we are excited for (I think the pool more than the fitness center). We will be moving at the end of July/early August, so that should be fun! I am excited to get into the new place and be settled as we wait for Firecracker to arrive.

The last month has been quite busy. Rocco and I made a short trip to California to surprise my sister Sarah, who is having a baby (hopefully this week), for her baby shower. It was so wonderful to visit with family and a few friends… I just wish I had more time to see more people! Once we got back, Peter and I went to Baton Rogue to witness the wedding of dear friends, Lindsay and Joseph. It was a beautiful wedding, and the trip was wonderful. We were able to go on a swamp tour while we were there, which was really cool. We ended up leaving Rocco with our friends Matthew and Lauren, and he had a great time (check out their blog about the experience).

Once we got back from Louisiana, work was in full force for both Peter and I. Peter has been working really hard to get modifications on the flume done before his new job starts (I will let him write about that project himself… it is pretty cool!). I am a program coordinator for The TXESS Revolution Project, and we just wrapped up a two-week summer institute for teachers focusing on energy, climate and water in the 21st century. It was a wonderful two weeks with amazing teachers, but man it wore me out!

Rocco just past his 10 month mark, and what can I say… he is an utter joy! I can’t get over how amazing he is and he constantly cracks us up! He is getting closer to walking every day, and I can’t wait until he is fully mobile (or maybe I can, I don’t really know yet).

Below are just a few pictures from the last month or so… enjoy!

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