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September Memories… Including Peter’s Birthday!

September 13, 2011

We are only a week or so into September, but we’ve been having a great time. Peter, Rocco and I are getting used to life in our new place (I swear we will post pictures as soon as we can), and we are getting so much closer to meeting our little girl… it won’t be long now!

We celebrated Peter’s birthday on September 7, by sharing a meal with our EPIC friends. I have discovered that my way of nesting is not to get our place clean or organized, but it is by baking. I went a little extreme with Peter’s cake and attempted a 3D model of a family camping scene… with Peter and Rocco sitting atop a mountain, and Magdalena and I back at camp near the campfire. This cake was a lot of fun to make (and I even had to have Peter help me with some of it) and Peter was a bit surprised by the end result!

Rocco has started walking more and he is getting better every day! It is so awesome to watch him move around the house!

We celebrated the anniversary of Rocco’s baptism this last Sunday (September 11), which was lovely!! Peter brewed his first batch of beer in a couple of months, which made his day even more awesome!

Here are a few pictures, including the cake in stages…

This will probably be the last post until Magdalena Rose makes her grand entrance (unless I can get to taking pictures of the apartment)… Enjoy!!!

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