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Magdalena Rose Polito

October 10, 2011

Our Miss Magdalena Rose arrived on September 28th at 1:51 pm. Her birth stats were 6 lbs. 14 oz, and 18.75″ long.

Magdalena arrived with the help of some pitocin. Peter and I made it to the hospital at 6am, and by 8am the pitocin was started and contractions began. I had it in my head that I would probably have an epidural (remembering Rocco’s labor), so as soon as the contractions became consistent and strong, we went ahead and started that process. As it turned out, the first epidural worked to numb the contractions in my abdomen, but I was also feeling the contractions in my lower back and those seemed to intensify. The pain was pretty intense (so much so, that I told Peter to get Dr. Love and have him cut Magdalena out of me… oh what a person will say in intense pain).

The anesthesiologist ended up taking out the first epidural catheter and he re-did the whole process. The second time accomplished the “numb” goal and I decided that Maggie did not need to cut out of me (I was back to a more rational thought process). This was a good thing, because in the process of getting that second shot, I progressed quite a bit and it seems that not too long after that, I started to push.

Magdalena was born shortly after that, and all was well with the world!

We had our time in hospital, with Helen hanging out with Rocco at home. I was so excited to come home and to introduce Rocco to his new sister.

Rocco has been amazing with our new family member… every time he see’s Maggie he smiles and laughs and he has even given her some kisses!

I am feeling great and it is so wonderful to be able to move around and chase after Rocco and play on the floor… I love it!

We’ve been laying low the past week or so, and Helen will be here until Friday, so we are enjoying every last minute with her that we can… Next week will be an interesting wake up call for me to see how I manage everything while Peter is at work… that is when some more adjustments will take place for sure!

I am posting a few pictures below… there will be more soon, but here are some of our time in the hospital with Magdalena!

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