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Spring in Austin

April 9, 2012

Spring is hopping here in Austin, and we’ve been having such a wonderful time. Here is a quick update from the past couple of months.

Rocco and Maggie are now officially sharing a room. Maggie has been sleeping in a pack and play in the spare bathroom for awhile and she is now in the crib near Rocco in his big boy bed. Bed time is a bit of a challenge for her, but she is getting much better as each day passes! Rocco loves having her in his room, and he is great when she is crying… he just sits there and looks at her, and when he has had enough, he just lays down and falls asleep! He is good!

Rocco is doing really well in his almost 20 month old self. He is still a boy with few words, but we recently had him tested with ECI (Early Childhood Intervention), and he qualified to have some help with communication! We are so excited to have someone come and play with him and help him to express himself with words!

Maggie is 6 1/2 months of fun! She is sitting up (mostly on her own) and she is so close to crawling. She gets up on all fours, she knows what to do with her legs, but her hands/arms don’t realize they are supposed to move too. Once this connection is made, I’m in trouble because she will be fully mobile! She is now eating some solid foods, but the little stinker with her acid reflux… she can’t have solids in the afternoon/evening, so basically she gets food in the morning. She is such a happy kid, and quite attached to me. Poor thing is going to have a challenging time when I go back to work. She will have to get over it pretty quick!

Peter and I are both doing really well. We have had a wonderful Lenten Season, and we are starting to enjoy the Easter season. Peter is plugging along at work and brewing beer when he can. I am still looking for work, while enjoying every second I have with the kids!

Here are some pictures from the past couple of months. We were able to spend the morning with our friends, Dereck and Audrey while they were camping at McKinny Falls, and Rocco loved it! We can’t wait to take the kids camping soon! We also went to the Austin Zoo a few weeks ago, which was great. Rocco loved seeing the animals and riding the train. There are also some pictures here from Easter, including Rocco’s first Easter Egg hunt!

We hope you all enjoy the pictures!

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